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Do you know the power of blogging? If done correctly, it can become a very powerful way to obtain top positions for your home-based business and help you build a residual income?

According to Wikipedia, “a blog is a website where entries are commonly displayed in reverse chronological order. “Blog” can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.” There are millions and millions of blogs today, but their origin was really from online diaries. I remember several years ago, a group of team members had a forum that I belonged to and we would post daily articles and make comments about all aspects of developing a home-based business, leadership, coaching to other areas such as, the most effective ways to create a residual income. That was before blogs became mainstream as they are today.

Since 2004, blogging has become mainstream for companies, organizations, politics, TV, and home-based business professions. One recent estimate, there are approximately 100 million-plus blogs and growing exponentially daily. A blog is simple to set up and in basic terms is a website about whatever you want to write about and post online. Whenever you search for information on Google, you will likely come across multiple blogs on any subject today. To find out more about the types of blogs and how to set one up, I would suggest you just Google it.


How does blogging help your home-based business?

In order to get top placements on Google, one needs to understand that good relevant original content is king on Google. Your central focus as it applies to blogging for the search engines and achieving top rankings is to write around keywords. No, I don’t mean babble, but good content that will help your readers with their home-based business and ultimately help them achieve a residual income. For example, if you want to build a home business presence online, one key phrase that you could focus on is residual income in your postings. You don’t need to keep mentioning residual income in every line, but randomly and thoughtfully in your article is an effective strategy.

Part of the power of blogging is to write daily and consistently post your information in various blogs. For example, when I write an article about a home-based business, I post to places like blogger, blog father, and Bloglines. I have noticed that Google will pick them up and index them on their databases usually within a day. There is no quick fix to obtaining top positions on the search engines with blogging and anyone that advises otherwise is naive or lying to you to get your money. I can blog at hundreds of great websites for free by the way, so don’t pay someone to do this. Just sit down and write some stuff, that’s what I do to build a successful home-based business.

To optimize your blogging experience while building your home-based business, I would suggest you bold your keyword or phrase a couple of times. I would not suggest you do it for the entire article. The search engine spiders seem to like it and take notice of the keywords bolded. Always include your name and a couple of other links in your blog to your primary website and even a couple of other blogs. It has been my understanding that you can place the same content in multiple blogs and you will not be penalized by the search engines. Just don’t try and copy other information that doesn’t belong to you as those search engine spiders may pick it up. This will further your ability to generate a residual income in your home business.